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Auto-B-Good Storybooks

Auto-B-Good storybooks are great original stories that go beyond the episodes. Each book features beautifully rendered images, humor and an awesome character lesson. There's nine books total, add them to your bookshelf today!

Mystery of the Spooky Junkyard Mean 'Ole Crankfender Citizen Miles EJ and the Bully Sticking to it! Attack of the Runaway Robot Caution: Monster Ahead The Vanishing Villain Queen for a Day

Finish Strong: The Dan Russell Story

Finish Strong is the incredible story of a driven man's pursuit of success and finding purpose when all seems lost. It is the story of a wrestler, struggling not just against his opponents in the ring, but to discover what makes a true champion.

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WEST by James Andrew

All is not well with Christopher Wilks. Nor is all as it seems. For one thing, he’s ill-equipped for the mind-bending journey he’s about to undertake. James Andrew’s WEST straps the reader in for a thrill ride through landscapes both painfully real, and wildly fantastical.

"WEST left me breathless... A fantastic story!"

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Tales of the RAF

These are the stories of young Harry Winslow and his friendships with the pilots of the Royal Air Force in World War II England. Written for boys but appealing to all, the tales are based on history and depict values such as courage, heroism, and responsibility.

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ArmorQuest tells the story of a young boy named Timothy who finds himself on a quest to join the ranks of the Emperor's elite force, the Knights of the Way. He sets out with nothing but a sword, a pair of allies, and a hope to one day return home as a hero and save his friends and family from the threat of the dragons. He faces many challenges and dangers on his journey, but through it all, he learns to rely on the tools of the Emperor, the armor of the Knights of the Way.

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